Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bleeding Scrare and Surprise

On Friday May 17th, I woke up and went to the restroom. Its so regular for me now to have to go pee about 3 times a night. I hate nothing more than having to get up in the middle of my sleep for something so trivial as to pee. This part bugs me, why can't it wait, lol.

Well when I was wiping, I saw light pink blood. Eric came into the bathroom a few minutes later and I told him. My heart was broken. I didn't want to see blood, I didn't want to loose this baby, this is not fair!

I called my RE's office and the nurse I don't like was there - There was no way I wanted to talk to her and be left on a horrible bad note for another weekend! However one of my good nurses was due to come in at noon so I waited and called back. By then I had some more blood that was a dark red, almost brown, which I had read is not a bad sign. I was still worried and the nurse did tell me that with IVF, spotting is common and as long as I was not having heavy bleeding or clots or cramping, that I should be ok and to take it easy. She was so nice and I felt so good and comfortable with a little spotting. By the end of the day it stopped.

I decided to take it easy all weekend. I was almost afraid to move and disrupt anything. On Saturday I was walking in the kitchen and felt a gush and found that I was now bleeding. It slowed down to just spotting, the then the same thing happened again on Sunday. This time I was very lightly bleeding for the rest of the night and the next day I was spotting. I still didn't have cramps or clots, I felt good about that, but what if I missed something or what if I was bleeding too much? Where is this blood coming from, what's going on? What did I do wrong.

I called the office on Monday morning and the nurse said that even bleeding can be ok and normal in an IVF pregnancy. I read tons of stories on-line where lots of women went through this and had good pregnancies, but they were also able to go in and be checked to make sure everything was okay. The soonest I was able to get an appointment and make that 2.5 hour drive was over a week away! I didn't know if I could stand the unknown that long!!

I called my local OBGYN and him and his staff was so wonderful to fit me in for a very quick appointment that day, right after I go off work! I was so excited and very nervous. I was still expecting bad news, so I went alone to be able to deal with it.

The wait was killing me! It was so hard and I was so worried.

Finally Im laying on the table and he starts the sonogram. Right away he was able to find our baby and I could clearly see the little fluttering of his heart beating! It was like Christmas! I was so relieved to see his or her heart just beating away. The doctor started moving the probe around and we saw another sac come onto the screen and he said "Oh you have two". I saw something and he said he saw the heartbeat, but I didn't so he pointed it out and I started to clearly see our twin baby's heart beat too! I really was expecting bad news and we found double good news. Two little growing babies with hearts beating.

I read tons of posts earlier that morning about bleeding at 6 weeks, most of the girls were saying that they had lots of bleeding and they had twins. I didn't think that was possible for me because my HCG levels didn't grow properly at first so I was told that only one embryo made it, which was great for me. Having twins was the farthest from my mind.

Here I sit 24 hours later and my own heart is still beating fast, I am a ball of nerves for a whole new reason. How can we afford two babies? I have to keep two growing babies in me for 9 months, I have to eat better and focus on their health twice as much. Where are we going to put two? What is the next few months, next few years going to be like? Am I ready? This is crazy, and exciting all at the same time. Im sure me and my family will be happy as can be in 8-9 months when these little new people come into the world.

Keep growing my little ones. Mommy, daddy. brother and sister love you. (And we better work on getting ready for you both!)

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